Rent a time slot on one of our Snapmaker professional machines. These machines are capable of 3D printing, CNC carving and laser engraving. Best part, the final product is free! With your time slot you can create anything you would like! Just send us the link to the file you want created and pay for the time it will take to print, engrave, or carve the file. Shipping cost is determined on an individual basis. 

Rent Snapmaker time+ expertise

  • Dimensions (W × D × H)
    495 × 506 × 580 mm

    405 × 424 × 490 mm


    3D Printing

    Work Area (W × D × H):
    320 × 350 × 330 mm

    Max Heated Bed Temperature:

    Work Area (W × D × H):
    230 × 250 × 235 mm

    Max Heated Bed Temperature:


    Laser Engraving and Cutting

    Work Area (W × D):
    320 × 350 mm

    Work Area (W × D):
    230 × 250 mm


    CNC Carving

    Work Area (W × D × H):
    320 × 350 × 275 mm

    Work Area (W × D × H):
    230 × 250 × 180 mm

    Tech Specs

    Frame Material:  Aluminum alloy

    Data Transmission Methods: Wi-Fi, USB cable, USB flash drive

    Touchscreen Specs: 5 in., Android OS, Quad-core 1.1 GHz ARM Cortex-A7

    Supported File Types: .stl, .obj, more formats to be added

    Supported OS: Windows, macOS, Linux

    Rated Power:v320 W


    3D Printing

    Layer Resolution: 50–300 microns

    Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm

    Max Nozzle Temperature: 275°C

    Supported Materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, wood filled PLA, and more being tested


    Laser Engraving and Cutting

    Camera: Built-in camera

    Laser Power: 1600 mW

    Wavelength: 450 nm

    Safety Class: Class 4

    Supported Materials:

    Wood, leather, plastic, fabric, paper, non-transparent acrylic, and more being tested


    CNC Carving

    Shank Diameter: 0.5–6.35 mm

    Spindle Speed: 6,000–12,000 RPM

    Supported Materials: Wood, acrylic, PCB, carbon fiber sheet, jade, and more being tested